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Infinity Necklace

Infinity Necklace


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The Infinity Necklace represents so many positive and beautiful things. Not only do we love it's smooth figure-eight shaped curves that are never ending, we love that it symbolizes forever, always and limitless. It has to be a pretty strong symbol to express the power of those words.

We can't think of a better symbol to wear as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that are available to us. Whether it stands for endless love or endless possibilities, the infinity symbol is a sign that there is no end to our potential.

As a romantic gift, the infinity symbol reflects 2 separate loops meeting at a central point that has no end. What a perfect symbol for your forever person.

We adore this symbol for our children as they need to be reminded that the opportunities available to them are limitless. For a graduate starting a new chapter it's perfectly symbolic of the dreams and opportunities to be realized that lay before them.

Available in 15", 16", 17" and 18" lengths using our Mini Box Circle chain it fastens with a lobster clasp at the back of the neck. 

Infinity charm measures 11mm long x 5mm high x 1mm thick.

Elements: Sterling Silver.

The 16" necklace is suitable for a small/medium sized woman and will fall near the top of a crew neck shirt.

The 18" necklace is suitable for a woman with a larger than average build and will fall near the top of a crew neck shirt.

These are guidelines only and will vary based on the actual size of her neck.

Please refer to our Necklace Chain Lengths guide.

If you require a custom length, please enquire.