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OM Silk Wrap

OM Silk Wrap


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Our OM Silk Wrap made of silk and sterling silver. The OM represents an ancient mantra of yoga and the union of mind, body and spirit.

Our Silk Wrap is made of the softest silk to embrace your wrist. Hand dyed, the 100% silk ribbon has a soft wrinkled texture and feels as luscious as it looks. Wrap it around your wrist or ankle and tie it in a knot or bow.

Our OM sterling silver charm can be added to any silk colour (more than 30 to choose from here). Chocolate Garnet is shown, but if you prefer a different colour of silk please include a note in comments box with the silk colour that you prefer instead.

We will knot the silk on each side of the silver charm to keep it in place. Remove the knots if you'd like to move your charm to another silk or silver chain.

Silk ribbons can withstand getting wet during hand washing but we don't recommend wearing in a chlorinated swimming pool or hot tub.

Elements: Sterling silver & 100% silk.

Silk ribbons are 33.5" long and can be wrapped around the wrist or ankle 3, 4 or 5 times depending on:

1) the size of your wrist/ankle (it will fit any size wrist/ankle; you just keep wrapping it).

2) whether the charm is surrounded by knots (which take up length) or sterling silver spacers. The knots will reduce the length. The spacers will not.