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Delight with Tart Pendant

Delight with Tart Pendant


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The Delight with Tart Pendant offers the greatest amount of stamping space so you can capture lots of names (think big family) or multiple generations within a family. It's a large piece so wearing it close to the neck requires a bold jewellery personality. However, having it hang on a longer chain (ie. 24" or longer) will downplay its size.

Hand stamped, the Delight pendant has room for 52 characters (including spaces) and the Tart Pendant has room for 21 characters.

Delight Pendant measures 4.7 cm round x .15 cm thick (bigger than a toonie).

Tart Pendant measures 2.3 cm round x .15 cm thick (about the size of a quarter).

Stamping is included in the above price (now or later)!

Elements: Sterling Silver (Canadian made).

Hand stamped in upper case, the Delight pendant has room for 52 characters (including spaces) and the Tart Pendant has room for 21 characters. We will center the stamping on each pendant.

If you expect to add more stamping at a later date, please include a note in the Additional Stamping Instructions box that you plan to add another name(s) in the future. We will leave a single space between the names/words/dates so there is room to add more stamping later.

Stamping is always free, regardless of when we stamp it (now or later). We ask that you cover the postage back and forth from Citrus when you want to add more stamping. Get in touch when your family grows.

Stamping is positioned facing out on the pendant, as shown. Variations may be accommodated; provide details in the Comments box if applicable.

We regret that we cannot hand stamp the back of the pendant; when we hand stamp the front it leaves a slight impression on the back.