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Chalcedony Stud Earrings
Chalcedony Stud Earrings

Chalcedony Stud Earrings


Sweet summer vibes in our Chalcedony Stud Earrings.

Chalcedony, a form of quartz, is said to be a nurturing stone that promotes sisterhood and goodwill.  It absorbs negative energy and brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony. 

Each Chalcedony stone is 8mm round and has a faceted cut to catch the light. The post and butterfly clasp are sterling silver.

Earrings measure 16 mm (l) x 8 mm (w), including the posts that measure 7 mm (l) and fasten with a butterfly clasp.

Earrings are FINAL SALE.

Elements: Sterling Silver + Chalcedony.