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Karen's 2021 Word of Intention

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Karen's 2021 Word of Intention

Well, we made it through 2020, even when we had doubts. We've experienced all the feels, haven't we? 

I'm grateful for a new year, a fresh start and a vaccine 🙏🏼 . 

January seems to be the best time to set new intentions for the year ahead (I do fancy a blank page). I think of intention setting as my self-improvement strategy.  

Despite a pandemic, lockdown, homeschooling and everything else, I set a positive intention to anchor my thoughts and actions when I feel uncertain or lacking direction or motivation. It's a word that helps me dig into a decision or action. A word to keep me grounded and positive when things around me are going sideways. A word to control my thoughts when so many things around me are out of control. 

Last year my word was OPEN, and it served me very well (thank you OPEN!). It was a reminder to be open to all of the possibilities, without judgement. And 2020 really did throw a lot of punches so I'm grateful for my word choice because it reminded me that the path ahead was still wide open, as long as my mind was. With a pandemic, government turmoil and social injustice surrounding us, staying focused on being open allowed me to still learn and love and find the silver linings.   

And being open helped me to grow the CITRUS community and sprinkle it with light. My emails started with a morning smile; something to lighten up your mood when the news seemed so heavy. Many of you told me that it brought you smiles and LOL moments (thank you!) and honestly, it helped me to laugh and smile more too.

Being open allowed me to consider opportunities to make a difference to essential workers with a portion of sales being donated for PPE. Of course, I made lots of my FU COVID 19 Necklace and stamped ESSENTIAL AF on a number of designs too. I believe that the people who received them were able to lean into them in a helpful way too.

I introduced my new CODES Collection, because I know that sometimes you like to keep your word discreet. After-all, your intention is meant for you, so no one else needs to know.

I also lost my Dad this Fall (sob) which inspired the Family Connection Dime Necklace after finding a dime a few days after he passed. I believe it was a sign from him and that brings me a lot of comfort. More on that here. My new Dime Collection resulted in an outpouring of stories about people you have lost. I'm humbled to design a piece that honours your lost loved one with the dimes you've found, or a dime from their milestone year. I hope those dime designs have provided you with the same comfort and connection to your loved one as my dime necklace does to my Dad.

So OPEN, thank you for helping me reserve judgement on 2020. Maybe that is how I was able to spread more humour and find joy in unexpected moments and bring new designs to you in the ways that you really needed CITRUS in 2020.

And now, it's a new year and time for a new word (although, I've always got OPEN in my back pocket because we've become good friends 😊 ).

Despite the heart breaking loss suffered by so many as a result of the pandemic, I still have hope. I believe in science and a vaccine that will get us through this. 

So when thinking about a word for 2021, I wanted it to encompass hope and possibility because I believe that there's light around us, we just need to look for it.

MY 2021 WORD IS ...

Blue Grey Tea Silk Wrap


What does reimagine mean to me?

REIMAGINE can be as simple as reimagining: 

  • my basement workout instead of my hockey workout
  • connecting with friends over walks, zoom or socially distanced back yard visits instead of dinner at our favourite restaurant or a weekend getaway.
  • going dry in January (what was I thinking?)

 On a grander scale, REIMAGINE is a word designed to create impact by:

  • brightening the lives of others in need and appreciating the domino effect of empowering those we help to go and help others.
  • sharing knowledge + lessons learned from a seasoned business owner that can empower others to build a successful business too. 
  • spreading kindness with greater thoughtfulness while supporting the arts community.

 All of this sounds very abstract, I know. 

What I can say with certainty is that 2021 will be filled with more philanthropy (supporting people who need us), more teaching (any budding entrepreneurs or new business owners out there who could use a helping hand?) and more meaningful gift giving to bring greater joy to the recipient AND support other Canadian artisans too.

As I write this, I feel more justified in signing off as "not your typical Karen" (thank goodness). 

I can't wait to REIMAGINE 2021 with you. I am very excited about the year ahead and appreciate having you along for the journey.

Thank you for being a loyal friend and an important part of the CITRUS community. I am grateful for you and honoured to be by your side when you need a smile or LOL moment, or a memento that connects you to the very special moments you've crafted. 


(not your typical) Karen

p.s.  I would love to know your WORD. If you've chosen one please share below and what it means for you.  And know that I'm prepared to do my part to help you live up to it by stamping or coding it for you anytime, my friend. 

Another thing I'm reimagining is more sunshine!  So when the sun comes out, I'm out the door with my dog Maggie, who seems much more willing to pose for a selfie with me than my teenagers. Imagine! I'm also reimagining a short haired girl with longer hair....I didn't know I had it in me, and here's my lame attempt at a ponytail (please remember my word is reimagine, not perfection😉 )

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